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Bar Code Event Wristbands

Tickets have been counterfeited since their invention. As you know, it’s a constant challenge to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters – but with advancing technology and innovative security features, we’re winning. Event wristbands printed with unique bar codes not only make your tickets virtually impossible to counterfeit or transfer, they’re a useful tool in a variety of other areas as well.

Wristbands with barcodes – accurate metrics & strong security

If you want to eliminate ticket reuse altogether, bar coded wristbands should be your top tool, because you can identify used/transferred tickets at a glance, with just a quick laser scan. Using multiple bar code scan points, you can accurately track visitor movements within your event and adjust your strategy accordingly for maximum returns. Bar code wristbands can even be used as pre-paid vouchers for concessions, games, rides and more, providing precision metrics even greater insight into your customers’ preferences.

Human Readable vs. Nonhuman readable Bar Codes

Virtually any kind of barcode can be applied to our wristbands. They can be printed in human readable or non-human readable formats. We typically add 3-5 additional business days to the turnaround time as physical samples are sent to the customer for approval.

Human Readable barcodes have the encoded data displayed in a text format beneath the linear barcode. See example below.

Human Readable Barcoded Wristband

Non-human readable barcodes do not display encoded data beneath the linear barcode. This barcode format is known as machine readable, wich means the data can only be decoded by using an inflared barcode scanner.See example below.

Non-Human Readable Barcoded Wristband

Barcode Size - The optimal size is 0.75" to 1.0" high x 1.5" to 2.0" wide. this ensures all barcode readers can read the barcode as certain readers have a small laser width then others and it also prevents excessive curvature of the barcode once the wristband has been applied to the patron's wrist.

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