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Serial Numbering Information

You can customize your serial numbering in several different ways when you place a custom wristband order. See examples below.

Standard, Sequential Serial Numbering

Increments of 1, numeric only, maximum of 8 digits

Standard, Sequential Serial Numbering

Static and Sequential Serial Numbering

The first part of the numbering sequence remains static while the second part is sequentially numbered in increments of 1, alpha-numeric

Static and Sequential Serial Numbering on Wristbands

Random Serial Numbering

A range of random, unique serial numbers are assigned; each wristband is printed with a random number within the range and does not follow a sequential sequence.
It can be numeric or Alphanumeric

Random Serial Numbering on Wristbands

Matching Sequential Serial Numbering

Matching numbering on wristband and detachable stub. Numeric only, maximum of 6 digits

Matching Sequential Serial Numbering on Wristbands

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