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Reasons to Customize

There are so many reasons to go custom, here are a few ways custm wristbands can help you.  

Increase your Exposure

When you customize your wristband you can easily put your logo, event promotion, social outlet links or even a barcode/QR code to boost your marketing message and reach

Increase your Security

Custom print your wristband with unique and event specific informtation to easily identify counterfeit wristbands and unwanted guests

Increase your Sponsorship/Revenue

Offer your sponsors advertising space on your wristbands and cover th costs of the wristbands while promoting your event and sponsor gaining valuable retention value for your next event.

Track Guests and Inventory

Wristband Giant has the capability to print variable data on your wristband which means each band can be unique.  You can apply row and seat numbers or event have each persons face on each band to identify them quickly.

Increase your Promotions

Put a coupon code, or even put a custom stub for purchases at your event.

Increase Awareness

Customize your wristbands so that everyone joining you on your fundraising adventure knows exactly what the cause is and how they can help.

Increase Sales

Placing a custom barcode and/or variable data can be tied to your internal POS system to help increase sales.  Even custom stubs can be a form of pre payment to increase sales.

Reasons to go custom


Within 2 business days of placing your wristband order you will receive an artwork mockup for approval before your order is scheduled for production - You MUST approve the artwork prior to printing of your custom wristbands - Delay in artwork approval may cause a delay in the production of your order

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