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Solid Color or Custom Printed Wristbands for Schools / College / University

wristbands for churches

Uses for School Wristbands include:

  Identifying students by grade or class
  Tracking admissions to paid events including dances and sporting events
  Contest, raffles and games

Fundraising Wristbands for Schools

Let Wristband Giant help your school, school team or social group generate more sales and earn higher profits with our line of high-quality, low-cost Fundraising Wristbands.

Our Silicon Fundraising Wristbands are a very popular choice and are competitively priced, premium quality, and completely customizable.
Craft the perfect message for your cause (or consider our Red Ribbon campaign) and apply it to your school’s Fundraising Wristband, Key Tags and much more. View our full product line here.

Customized School Wristbands

Get your students – and their parents – more involved with your school, by promoting events, clubs, and important dates through your Customized School Wristbands.
Use sponsored promotions and advertising on your wristbands to drive traffic to your concession stands / gift shop, and subsidize other costs.
Customized school wristbands are effective even for very young students, because their parents will see your messages too.

Personalize every feature:

  Full-color graphics, text & logos [at 300 dpi]
  QR codes (monotone or multi-colored)
  PIN numbers or barcodes
  Prizes & discount codes
  Advertising space for sponsors or promotions

Optional security features:

  Variable data collection capabilities
  UV security printing
  Holographic counterfeit prevention
  Alphanumeric numbering (patterned or sequential)
  Single-use snaps and other transfer-prevention features

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