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As many organizations who rely heavily on fundraising are generally non-profit, Wristband Giant offers the world’s largest selection of colors, patterns, and styles for your church, charity, a non-profit organization, or business.

Complete customization allows for you to design your wristbands with any message, pattern or design you want to assist your group in meeting their fundraising needs and goals. Holding a special event to raise funds? Get your sponsors involved! Customizing your wristbands to feature your sponsor’s logos is a great way to generate revenue for your cause and promote your sponsors, think of it like renting out advertising space. In featuring sponsor logos on your wristband you can actually get the wristbands you want for your fundraising efforts for little or no cost at all to your organization.

Using silicone wristbands are one of the best ways to generate money for your group or cause. Not only will they create excitement and buzz around your organization, but they are also something that the buyer will wear long after the fundraising effort is finished. This creates an additional marketing tool for organizations as their message/brand are continuously being promoted.