Tyvek® 1" x 10" Drink Responsibly pattern wristbands

Pricing: $12.99 per 100 ,$27.50 per 500

Promote a very important message at your bar or nightclub in addition to checking admissions and age verifications, Our Drink Responsibly Tyvek® wristband is great to have at any event or venue that is serving alcohol. Did you know that this wristband is also an excellent way to generate additional revenue? Try partnering with a local taxi service like UBER© or Lyft© and sell advertising space right on the wristband that features their telephone number, and website, or try adding a QR code that goes directly to your partners APP so that patrons can easily download and have access to get home safely.
A Tyvek® 1" X 10" Drink Responsibility Multicolored wristband
5 to 10 days
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