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Let's talk about one of the biggest staples in the wristband industry... Tyvek®. Did you know that the invention of Tyvek® was a complete accident?

Let’s break this down. Tyvek® was developed as a house wrap which is used to protect buildings during construction. This wrap was produced from a fluffy material called polyethylene. Jim White, a researcher who worked in the experimental lab at DuPont was working with polyethylene when he noticed that when the white fluffy piece coming out of the pipe was spun at high speed it created a durable substrate which we now call Tyvek®.

In April 1967 the world would finally get introduced to this amazing invention which would be one of DuPont’s best selling material that is used by a variety of different customers in many industries.

Did you know that Tyvek® has grown from just being a material used in construction to being widely used in the fashion and entertainment industry, as a base for wristbands, race bibs, ultralight packaging material, and is used in the medical industry as coveralls for laboratory and cleanroom workers to wear? What a multifunctional material!

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We use Tyvek® for our wristbands because of its stretchable and waterproof nature, and its ability to be completely customized with cool logos and fun colors. Making it the perfect material to be used for any kind of event! 

Tyvek® is a piece of history that develops and grows every year with people designing new and exciting patterns, images, logos and branding opportunities that they want to see printed on their Tyvek® wristbands.

We are thankful Jim made such a great discovery because today Tyvek® is one of the most popular substrates used for wristbands worldwide. Trust us, we sell over 1 billion Tyvek® wristbands, a year!

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